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[Rabbit Zonker]

Many of my outdoor friends begin to think of hunting as September approaches. Here in British Columbia moose season opens as early as mid August in the north and deer become fair game in my area by the second week of September. Perhaps this is a good thing because the trout lakes are not nearly as crowded now! Large trout shake off the summer doldrums and begin a feeding binge to carry them through the oncoming winter. Yes, they still actively take small offerings like chironomids but often the bigger fish will savagely attack a surprisingly large fly which proves the old saying, "big flies, big fish!" Or perhaps it is just shock treatment to swim a very big fly in front of trophy fish that have just lazed around all summer! Here is where the rabbit zonker comes in! It is almost painfully large but it does catch huge fish, especially in the early fall months. I believe every fisherman should have a few large flies in their tackle box and the rabbit zonker just fits this bill!



Start by tying in a green wool body hook bend to hook eye. Next select a large greenish pheasant rump feather and starting about one half way along the body, wrap it forward in two or three turns to the hook eye. Now cut an olive rabbit strip at least twice the length of the hook. Lace it to the top of the hook body taking care to cover the hackle that projects on top. With care, you should be able to work the invisible mending thread through the rabbit fur so that the skin is secured tightly to the hook body and then allow the rest of the rabbit strip to project past the hook bend at least as long as the hook body. This forms a tail that undulates enticingly in the water! Tie off, cement and you have finished a big fly for big fish, the Rabbit Zonker!

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