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[Wire Nymph]

We have just returned from another tough winter of golf in Arizona! I know what a burden that is but someone must do it! I do smell a hint of fishing though in the early April air here in Kelowna but that will have to wait until many chores are done. I do have a good early season fly for you; a fly that readily sinks to find trout that are feeding near the bottom. It is called the wire nymph. I have shown the copper wire nymph but it can be tied in other colours, silver, black, red, and gold. For example, if you want to create a silver wire nymph, use a silver bead, a guinea tail, and a grizzly or guinea hackle!



Wire nymphs are very easy to tie. For the copper nymph, start by sliding a copper bead to the fly eye and cinch in place with your invisible tying thread. Next take a small clump of golden pheasant tippet and tie in a short tail. Follow this with a tightly wrapped copper wire body. The last step is to wind a few turns of brown hackle just behind the bead. Tie off and you have finished a great early season bottom nymph!

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