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[the Whiskey Jack]

It was late June and already the algae bloom was starting to cloud the top layer of the water at Barnes Lake. I knew that many strong rainbow trout were still feeding below because the weather had not yet turned unduly hot. A friend had suggested that I try a bright orange fly of deer hair bucktail called the Whiskey Jack. I was rather dubvious that such a bright fly would even interest the Barnes Lake rainbows but as I was having little success with anything else, I decided to give this fly a try. I was using a medium sink fly line to get below the algae bloom and almost instantly, a wild rainbow hit the bright orange fly! Could it have been just a fortunate coincidence? I was soon to find out that this fly worked magic as fish after fish hit the orange bucktail until little was left of the fly but a few shreds of the deer hair! After that day, I became a firm believer in the whiskey jack bucktail at least in Barnes Lake!



The Whiskey Jack is a very simple fly to tie. Start by cinching a thin silver tinsel to the hook shank, allowing it to project about 3 inches past the hook bend. Then wrap red floss hook bend to hook eye. Overwrap the floss with your tinsel hook bend through to the hook eye forming a silver body rib. The final step is to secure a medium clump of orange bucktail at the top of the hook eye and allow it to flow back about twice the length of the hook shank. This of course is the hair wing which seems to give the fly a strong attraction to the wild rainbows of Barnes Lake!

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