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[Vinson Emerger]

My trap shooter friend, Mark Gilbert, has taken many large trout from Vinson Lake which is located in the high country several kilometers south of the Okanagan Connector. His favourite method is to await a late evening sedge hatch to connect with the large cruising rainbows using a dry fly. On more than one occasion, before the sedges started rising in earnest, Mark noticed another fly fisherman hitting fish after fish just under the surface! Of course, curiosity soon moved Mark to ask, "What are you using?" The successful fisherman did share his secret and Mark has been good enough to allow me to pass on this information to you! The fly was a small emerger fished slowly just under the surface; a fly that the very large Vinson rainbows gulped with wild abandon! It is also surprisingly easy to tie as follows.



Attach both the dark chenille and fine silver wire at the hook bend. Wind the chenille to the hook eye and tie off. Follow this with about five turns of the wire also to the hook eye. Next, create a beard hackle using a short blue pheasant feather with the tips extending back to the hook barb. Complete this very simple but effective fly by forming a head with your black tying thread. Cement, tie off and you have finished an excellent Vinson Lake emerger fly!

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