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Our summer camp at Canim Lake gives me the opportunity to fish many excellent nearby lakes such as Howard, Greenly, Loren and Donnely to name a few. This past long weekend in July, I ventured west of 100 Mile House to do some exploring for a lake that a friend whispered, "It's just loaded with 10 pound trout!" Well I fought some muddy backroads for a couple of hours and eventually confirmed that I was within 3 miles of the lake! The problem was according to some helpful local campers was that the last three miles almost required a quad for access over the extremely rough trail. I therefore drove back to visit an old favourite, Valentine Lake which is a lot closer to 100 Mile.

Happily there were only a couple of vehicles at the small Valentine camp spot so I unpacked my Fish Cat U-tube and hit the water under good conditions. My favourite black flies such as my Idaho Nymph and hot wooley buggers did not produce but I did notice another tuber having some great action. "What fly?" I asked. "Sedge Pupa!" was the reply. "Green?" "Yes," he replied. So I quickly changed to my Caddis Crawler (fly #52, February 2001) and soon was into a nice two pound rainbow that I released. However, before leaving, I asked the successful fisherman if I could have a look at his fly. I made a quick mental note of the colours and proportions so I could tie up some upon returning home. I will now share this awesome producer with you, the Valentine Sedge Pupa!



Start by half hitching a piece of thin silver wire to your hook shank allowing it to project past the hook bend. Now form a dubbing loop with the green antron and wind it hook bend to a bit short of the hook eye. Follow this with 6 or 7 turns of the silver wire to the end of the green dubbing. At this point wind on a couple of turns of the March Brown dubbing, then select a few strands of light brown pheasant or wood duck and tie it to the bottom side of the brown dubbed thorax. On the fly I saw these hackle strands reached back to the hook point. The last step is to fill the short space to the hook eye, again by forming a dubbing loop this time with black seal. Two or three turns of the black seal should suffice. Cement, tie off, and you have created a great big fish fly, the Valentine Sedge Pupa!

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