Don's Fly Tying - Bill Shea's Maple Leaf

[Bill Shea's Mapleleaf]

This is the final steelhead fly, at least for this winter, in the Bill Shea series of flies representing the colours of Canadian NHL Hockey teams. I intend to ask Bill to create a steelhead fly representing our latest NHL Canadian entry, the Winnipeg Jets, because when Bill and I started this project, the Jets were only in the dreams of those rabid Winnipeg fans!

While the steelheading in those world famous rivers near Terrace, BC, started with a bang in October, cold weather does slow them down. However, Lower Mainland rivers like the Vedder, often are better in March so we will detail another of my friend Bill's steelhead flies called the Bill Shea Maple Leaf! Make sure you let me know of your success with these flies.



Start with a fairly thick tail of blue marabou. A few strands of blue flashabou should be mixed in with the marabou. Then tie a length of white floss at the hook bend and let it dangle for a moment. Next tightly wrap a body just behind the hook eye to hook bend of purple hackle feather, slightly spacing it as you wind back just like a rib. Now take the white floss and rib it forward with a jiggling motion to avoid distorting the purple hackle. Make sure the white floss wrap is very tight. Another method is to wrap the white floss body first and then palmer the purple hackle on the fly body. However, you must switch to invisible mending thread to back wrap, thus securing the body hackle otherwise it will come apart with the first vicious steelhead strike! A red chenille head completes the Bill Shea Maple Leaf! Enjoy your fishing and hockey from a Canadian who enjoys both!

Your comments are welcome at "dhaaheim at telus dot net"

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