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My friend Al Kouritzin and I decided earlier this summer to visit an old haunt, Pinaus Lake, in the hills south and east of Westwold. We took our time driving the narrow dirt road to the Fishing Lodge nestled between Lady King Lake and Pinaus. As it had been a long time since we were last there, we decided to see how the lodge owners were doing, an elderly couple who had run the camp for many years. We had a good visit but their story contained a sad element about lack of winter aeration on the very small Lady King Lake. This lake has yielded many trophy trout over the years as can be seen in the lodge wall pictures. It seems Government funding had been cut and there was no longer money to keep the aerator working over the winter on Lady King. Nearby Pinaus was large enough and did not require aeration but tiny Lady King that produced large trout certainly did. We could only provide the lodge owners with our heartfelt sympathy but nothing more to ease their plight.

During our extended visit, I noticed a fly in their counter case that was new to me. I asked about it and they said it was a good producer on both Pinaus and Lady King. It is called the Teleco and I would like to share this pattern with you. By the way, we did not have much success on Pinaus that day but did connect with a bright 18 inch rainbow on a higher elevation lake not far from Pinaus!



The first step is to tie in a thin tail of dark grizzly. Black hackle feather is an option. Next tie several strands of peacock herl pulled tightly together on top of the hook shank and allow the ends to project past the tail. Also tie in a single peacock strand at the hook bend. Now wrap a length of pale yellow chenille hook bend to near the hook eye. Follow this by making a rib using the single peacock strand. To complete the body, pull the strands of peacock herl tightly together from hook bend to hook eye thus forming a top fullback appearance. Finish the fly with a couple of full wraps of brown feather at the hook eye for the hackle. Cement, tie off, and you have finished the Teleco Wet Fly!

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