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I only attend one fishing derby each year and that is the annual High Lakes Telephone Fishing Derby centered at Doreen Lake, east of Winfield, BC, every Father's Day weekend in June. Prizes awarded for the largest trout are not the reason I take part but rather it is to see many old friends who also attend faithfully every year! This year I did not even weigh in a fish as I released every trout that I caught, judging them to be on the small side, at least not in the top ten category. The 2009 winner was Ted McDermid who landed more than one large fish including the top entry on Saturday June 20, edging out another large fish caught the previous day. Ted fished the same fly all weekend with much success so my interest in the pattern he used was considerable! In fact, with Ted's permission, I took a picture of the fly with my digital camera so I could more accurately tie a similar fly at my home tying bench! I have yet to test this pattern but I am confident that it will be a winner so I will share it with you as our July 2009 fly of the month. Ted did not have a name for the fly therefore we will simply call it "Ted's Fly"!



Ted's winning fly was rather large, tied on a number six silver hook with a definite shank bend! The fact that the Doreen Lake rainbows liked this big fly was indeed a surprise to me as I have always used fairly small flies in this lake with reasonable success! Anyway, start by tying in a short brown pheasant tail and if you have a straight shank hook, put a slight bend in it. Next, secure a piece of thin silver mylar at the hook bend before wrapping the body hook bend to hook eye with the chartreuse (light bright green) chenille. The next step is to wind the silver mylar in fairly wide turns to the hook eye thus forming a rib. Finally, palmar a brown hackle feather hook eye to about half way back on the fly body. Using invisible tying thread, you can easily back wrap the hackle securely in place so the first fish strike will not rip it off! Cement, tie off, and you have completed Ted's Fly, the pattern that caught the 2009 Telephone derby winner!

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