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While in Casa Grande, Arizona, this past winter, I came across an interesting series of flies by Mike Yeager called Teasers. In his book, Flies of the Southwest, he features the brown, salt and pepper, dusty, gray and black teasers, all similar with slight variations in body colour and hackle. I have tied and used similar patterns in the northwest with equally good results such as the green woolly worm featured in my July 2003 article. I have also successfully used a black teaser fly with just a slight variation to Mike's fly. My black teaser has a peacock herl body while Mike's features fine black chenille for the body. In any event, these are a great series of flies, well worth having in your tackle box so let's have a close look at my black teaser for our April fly tying article!



The black teaser is a beginner's delight to tie, very simple and fast! Select a brown saddle hackle preferably wirth short fibers and tie it in by the butt at the start of the hook bend. Next, wind a peacock herl body hook bend to hook eye. Now palmer the saddle hackle through the fly body and tie off at the hook eye. Cement and you have finished a great all purpose fly for BC Interior lakes. As an added hint, I have found that Brookies seem to very fond of this pattern!

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