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[the Yellowstone Stimulator]

We now have a winter hide-a-way near Casa Grande, Arizona and I have just returned from a pleasant two months of sunshine! Lots of golf but unfortunately no fishing. Perhaps I will look into the possibility of fishing in Arizona next winter. I did join the Casa Grande library and read several interesting outdoor books including a delightful description of the Yellowstone River in all seasons. A drift fly used when hoppers are present is the Stimulator, an elk hair floater that I found very intriguing and I would like to share it with you as our April feature fly!



Attach your tying thread to the hook shank and secure a clump of elk hair to form a tail. Next secure a piece of thin yellow wool and also a long thin brown hackle feather tip first to the top of the hook bend. Wind the wool to about the 1/3 point from the hook eye and also palmer the hackle feather to the same point and temporarily tie down. Cut another clump of elk hair and attach at the 1/3 point so that it flows back to the hook bend. Now wind a thin piece of orange wool from this point to the hook eye. The last step is a bit tricky as you must wind the remainder of the brown hackle feather past the wing to the hook eye where it is tied down. Whip finish, cement and you have completed the Yellowstone Stimulator!

As mentioned, I have not yet fished this fly as I only learned about it during my winter research. However, I am sure that it will work on some of my home waters as well as it does on the Yellowstone! I will let you know in the coming months.

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