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I have met more than one Canadian fisherman who has emphatically claimed that Americans are meat fishermen, only interested in taking as many fish for the freezer as possible. However, in my experience, exactly the opposite is true. The American fishermen that I have met all have been exemplary in fish conservation attitudes, in fact, releasing almost every fish caught! They also have possessed both skills and equipment that allowed them to make above averages catches but have displayed a remarkable willingness to conserve our fish stocks. Such an angler is Steve Clements, a professional photographer from Seattle, Washington, who has visited the rivers and lakes of British Columbia for many years.

One of Steve's favorite lakes is Hobson, south of Vanderhoof, BC. Steve fished this lake when it produced many quality fish in the three to seven pound range! He told me that the sedge fishing was awesome especially during June and July. He did observe, however, that many leeches inhabited waters near the shore and closer observation revealed that these leeches were not black but more of a dark forest green! Steve decided to match the hatch in a manner of speaking and after considerable effort, managed to dye materials that resembled those leeches very closely. The fish of Hobson also highly approved of Steve's fly, which he calls the "Clements Bitch", and Steve has kindly allowed me to share the secrets of this fly with you!



Steve begins the fly by half hitching his thread at the hook bend and wraps the dyed mohair through to the hook eye, pressing the loose hair backwards as he proceeds. Next, the wing of thin strands of dark green marabou is tied in just behind the hook eye, leaving enough room for two turns of peacock herl to form a head. The wing length flows back typically two to three times the length of the hook shank. Cement, tie off, and you have finished the Clements Bitch, originated by Steve for those great Hobson lake rainbows. Steve advises that the fly works best on those overcast dull days and is also dynamite for late evening and night fishing!

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