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[Spring Salmon Fly]

Winter is a time for dreams. Ever since I talked to a Houston angler at the junction of the Morice and Bulkley Rivers about catching spring salmon on a fly, I have wanted a large spey rod to handle fish of that size. I am very fortunate today to be able to spend January through March in Casa Grande, Arizona, but I still do not have a spey rod! A few years ago at Berry's Tackle Shop in Richmond, I looked at a Spey rod blank but just did not have the $300 at the time to make that dream come true. However, I am digressing from the real story of the fly that the Morice River fisherman described in detail as a sure fire spring salmon catcher! Someday I intend to catch a spring with this fly and now as the snow covers our favourite waters, I would like to share this secret with you!



Pull the center strings from a piece of silver mylar tubing and cut to the length of the hook shank. Push the mylar tube around the bend and cinch both at the bend and hook eye. Now take a fairly large clump of orange ostrich herl and tie down at the hook eye. Pull it tightly back along the hook shank and cinch it at the hook bend, allowing the ends to flow back at least three times the length of the hook shank. A full yellow or peach hackle is then wound at the hook eye and a few turns of orange tying thread will complete the head. Cement and you have finished the Morice spring salmon fly!

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