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Most fly fishermen love a small hidden lake, often a walk-in lake that is perfect for a belly tube. Such lakes are protected from harsh winds and they often display a wide variety of wild life. So much the better if they contain trout!

When approaching such a lake, careful observation always pays dividends. Are there any hatches occuring, what type of insects are flying about, can you see any shrimp, leech or other insect pupa underwater? My friend Al Kouritzin followed this practice when he made a recent trip into Spring Lake, a small body of water west of Peachland. In spite of his careful observation, he spent a fruitless hour or more casting several of his favourite flies. There were fish showing everywhere but he did not get so much as a touch! He did observe a small fisherman's bobber near shore so out of curiosity, he paddled over. Attached to the bobber was a length of line and a shrimp type fly made from crystal chenille. Why not try it he thought and to his delight, in the next hour he hooked several nice trout! Ah, proof that careful obervation pays off so for our July article, I will share Al's bobber found fly with you!



This fly, probably best described as a shrimp imitation, is exremely easy to tie. After half hitching your tying thread to the hook shank, wrap the medium peacock green crystal chenille hook bend to hook eye. The next and final step is to make a couple of turns of short grizzly hackle just behind the hook eye. Trim the top hackle, cement and you have finished Al's Spring Lake fly!

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