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[The Sofa Pillow Dry]

A few years ago while living in Prince George, my neighbour, Dave Radford, introduced me to a dry fly that at times will envoke strike after strike by those large Interior rainbow trout. This was proven to me on a trip to Anglie Lake, near Vanderhoof, BC. We arrived around 10:30 in the morning and did not have to wait long to see frequent rises dimpling the surface of the rather small lake. Dave soon began to hook fish after fish on a dry fly while I was fishless! After some shameless begging and pleading on my part, Dave gave me the fly which is the subject of this month's tying article. Needless to say, I started catching fish too, but with his head start, Dave clearly out fished me on that day using nothing but the Sofa Pillow dry fly!



The Sofa Pillow is an easy fly to tie. Start by half hitching in a small piece of red Kip's tail, extending about 1/4 inch beyond the hook bend. Then wind in the body of medium red chenille from hook bend to the eye and tie off. Next tie in a sparse amount of red squirrel hair at the hook eye so that it lies fairly flat along the hook body. The wing is completed with an overlap of even sparser elk hair over the squirrel. The final step is to wind two or three turns of brown saddle hackle at the hook eye, tie off, cement, and you are finished! I have found that this fly sits better on top of the water if floatant is applied to the chenille body. However, should it sink, slowly complete your retrieve as I have caught fish on this fly while submerged as well!

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