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What a wonderful year for sockeye! For those fortunate enough to test this magnificent fishery, both ocean and rivers, were blessed with sockeye returns not seen since 2010! I consider myself very lucky to have experienced three trips to the Fraser River in August and September and then capped the season with a visit to the Thompson River. Although I did have my Spey rod on the Fraser River trips, bottom bouncing with the set-up as described in my previous article # 216, October 2014, was extremely successful. This technique using an 11 foot rod and a level wind reel allows for much greater casting distance and therefore a better chance for a spring salmon hook-up. However, I did make a late season trip to the Thompson River with my Spey outfit and a fly that also proved successful with nine sockeye landed and two brighter males retained. Let's have a look at this sockeye fly!

[ Thompson River Teeming with Sockeye ]



Attach your tying thread to the hook shank and wrap the fushia krystal chenille hook bend to hook eye. Next tie in a short beard of bright red artificial soft craft fur at the hook eye so that it flows back just past the hook bend. I usually rotate the hook for the beard with hook point up, then turn the hook point down to tie in the wing, also of soft red craft fur. Keep the wing short, similar to the beard length. The final step is to attach several strands of red krystal flash on each side of the hook, again flowing back about the same length as the craft fur. Finish the head with turns of red krystal flash, cement and you have completed a good sockeye fly! For my Thompson River sockeyes, I used a ten foot heavy (620 grain) sink tip on my Spey line to get down to where the fish were laying!

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