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[the Sparkle Leech]

Leeches are always on the top of my list of favourite trout flies. They usually produce at all times of the year and seldom fail to initiate some action during those slow periods. Black is my colour but greens and browns will produce well at times. However, the wine sparkle leech sometimes will bring about a strike when nothing else does, especially during those early season days! There is a small walk in lake appropriately called "Flyfish" located in the plateau country not far from my Central Okanagan home. I recall one early June day when the standard fly colours just did not produce at all but when I changed to a sparkle leech, I was rewarded with several hits in short order! I suggest that you carry this fly with you on your spring trout outings to try when nothing else seems to work!



First, pinch the hook barb and slide a gold bead through to the hook eye. Now, mix a few strands of wine angel hair with a clump of wine marabou to form a bushy tail. Next, attach the tip of a wine saddle hackle at the hook bend, then wrap a piece of sparkle wine chenille hook bend to hook eye. The final step is to wrap the wine saddle feather forward to the hook eye and tie of at the gold bead, ensuring that the hackle fibers flow toward the rear of the hook. Tie off, cement and you have finished an excellent attractor fly!

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