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[the Sheridan Bear]

Sheridan Lake, located on Highway 24 in the Southern Interior of BC, is well known for its large rainbow trout. Every year, lucky anglers land the occasional trout of more than 10 pounds! A favorite Sheridan fly is the Horsehair fly, developed by Chuck Moore. I tie a variant of the Horsehair which, for want of a better name, I call the Sheridan Bear. The main difference from Chuck's fly is that the Bear features a single strand of green krystal hair wound through the body and of course is tied with black bear hair rather than horsehair. I also add a few turns of lead near the hook eye to ensure that the fly will easily reach the depths where the big rainbows are often found. Let's have a look at the Sheridan Bear for our May fly tying exercise!


[Sheridan, a Big Fish Lake]


Wind a few turns of thin lead near the hook eye and secure in place with your invisible mending thread. Then place a pair of black goose quills at the hook bend to make a short tail. Next secure three items to the hook shank near the bend, a single strand of green krystal flash, the tip end of a long black saddle hackle and a thin piece of black phentex yarn. Move your tying thread to the hook eye and attach a clump of black bear hair near the hook eye, thick end first. Then tie it back to the hook bend by winding your tying thread to the bend and back to the hook eye. Now wind the phentex to the hook eye and secure it, then palmer the hackle feather to near the hook eye and the third step here is too rib the krystal strand through the hackle to the hook eye and secure. The final step is to pull the bear hair over the top of the body past the hook eye and rib it securely with your tying thread. It is a bit tricky to get the bear hair tight enough but you can do it by carefully winding your invisible thread back to the hook bend and forward to the hook eye, all the while keeping forward pressure on the bear hair and at the same time, you try not to distort the hackle too much as you wind back and forth through it! Trim the bear hair ahead of the hook eye to form the antennae, cement, tie off and you have finished the Sheridan Bear.

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