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[the Flex-foam Sedge]

Early July is sedge or caddis time in many of our Southern Interior lakes. Big sedges that scamper across the surface, leaving a very visible wake for sharp eyed trout ready to pounce! Many of us have been frustrated when sedge imitations do not stay high on the surface as they become water logged from casting or, if we are so lucky, repeated strikes from large trout! George Barron of Kamloops has solved this problem by tying a sedge made of flex-foam that is guaranteed to float. This month we will have a close look at George's flex-foam caddis imitation.



The first step is to find a craft shop that sells thin sheets of coloured flex-foam, not more than 1/8 inch thick. They are inexpensive so pick up several colours, including gray, green, black, and brown. The body and head of this fly are made from a tightly wrapped strip of flex-foam so cut a piece of the 1/8 inch thick black foam no more than 1/8 inch wide. Attach it near the eye and secure it back to the hook bend in a straight line with your invisible tying thread, then wrap the foam forward to the hook eye and tie off. The wings are next and this requires some scissor work on a gray sheet of thin foam. Measure the length of the wings by allowing it to project about 1/4 inch past the bend. Cut a sort of triangle from the gray foam, wide at the tail and narrow where you will attach it near the hook eye. Fold it over and tie the narrow end near the hook eye with about 1/8 inch of the black foam showing for the head. Then wind a few turns of brown hackle feather to represent legs just behind the head. A tip is to cement the fold in the wing so it will stay close to the body and you can even make a small razor cut, not all of the way through, on the underside center of the wing so that the fold will better stay in place. George guarantees that this fly will float under any conditions!

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