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My friend Bill Shea is an ardent fly fisherman and innovative fly tier who lives in Kenmore, Washington. As you may have guessed from last month, this first series of Bill Shea's sport steelhead flies represent the colours of our six Canadian NHL hockey teams. We will continue our April article with a fly that should be a steelhead winner! I will call it the Bill Shea Senator! Don't forget to let us know about any success that you have actually fishing these sport flies.



Start by tying in a pair of white goose biots for the tail. After this, tie in a piece of round gold tinsel where the biots were secured and let it dangle behind the hook. Plan to rib the body with no more than five turns of the gold tinsel so you can estimate the amount of body space between the turns. At the top of the hook bend, use bright red silk to make a wrap approximately two rib spaces toward the hook eye. Next use black silk to continue forward approximately one rib space. Now complete the body with red silk forward to the hook eye. Your careful space planning will now pay off as you make a rib using five turns of the gold tinsel, one black turn in the center and two turns red fore and aft! The next step is to make a hackle of two turns of red hen feather leaving a bit of space behind the hook eye. Finally, select a clump of white calf tail to create a single top wing, pushing it backward as you tie down. Finish with a head of heavy black tying thread and you have created Bill Shea's Steelhead Senator!

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