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[A Search Chironomid]

What do you say we start the New Year with a good search pattern that is very easy to tie. The fly body is peacock herl which in my view is the best natural product going! Yes, there are many artificial fly tying products on the market now but good old fashioned peacock herl is still number one in my books! In fact, in my younger days, between work assignments in Prince George and Kamloops, I lived on a Cloverdale hobby farm for a couple of years. At that time I was so keen about fly tying that I bought all kinds of birds to enhance my supply of materials including peacocks, guinea hens, pheasants, quail, ducks and many varieties of chickens! Luckily the neighbours were forgiving as the peacocks honked, the guinea fowl squawked and the darn banties started crowing at 4:00 AM in the morning! A racoon or coyote made off with my prized wood duck but I never had to kill the birds for their feathers as the moulting process gave me an ample supply. I still have a stock of peacock herl to this day and that is what I used for the body of this months fly, a pattern very easy to tie and a good search fly as well!

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This search chironomid is very easy to tie. First crimp the barb and slide a white bead to the hook eye. Then attach a piece of copper wire to the hook shank projecting past the hook bend. Next wrap a couple of peacock herls hook bend to hook eye, followed by spaced turns of the copper wire for the rib. The final step is to make a couple of turns of white ostrich herl just behind the white bead. Half hitch here a few times to tie off, and a touch of cement will finish the fly which I find is an excellent search pattern for our BC Interior lakes! Oh yes, my best wishes for great fly fishing in 2015!

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