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[San Juan Worm]

My late friend, Tom West, used to love fishing the Bow River near Calgary. Tom was an avid outdoorsman and when hunting season was over, he simply switched to fishing, whether it was through the ice or preferably, casting a fly on open water. He grew up in Calgary and moved to Kelowna where I met him on the BC trap shooting circuit. However, he still made one or two trips each year to the Bow and delighted in showing me pictures of huge fly caught trout. When I asked, "What did you catch them on?", he would invariably answer, "On a San Juan Worm!" Well, it is hard to argue with that kind of success so let's have a look at how to tie the San Juan Worm!



Fortunately, the San Juan Worm is an extremely easy fly to tie. The only difficulty may be in finding a hook with the right shank bend. If you cannot locate a supply, simply tie the fly on a regular hook! Start by attaching a length of thin silver wire to the hook shank. Next wind some very thin radiant pink chenille hook bend to hook eye. Follow this with evenly spaced turns of the silver wire to form the rib. That is all there is to it, tie off, cement and you have finished the San Juan Worm! An option is to put a dab of pink fabric paint at the hook eye.

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