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My son, Trevor, who manages the Kelowna Ski Racing Team, does not have much time for fishing. Fortunately, we do see Trev and his family frequently, all the better to spoil our grandkids, Sally, Erik and Calla. Sally is almost seven and to my delight, has taken an interest in fly tying! In fact, she recently created a fly of her own making that really impressed me as a fly that will catch fish! I intend to try it for both trout and pink salmon later this year! Allow me to share her creation with you, a fly that I simply call "Sally's Fly"!



Start by attaching a piece of flat silver tinsel and a length of thin red wire to the hook shank. Wrap the tinsel tightly hook bend to hook eye followed by a rib of the red wire. Now attach a dozen or so strands of pink krystal flash at the hook eye. Make sure it is long enough to project past the hook bend to form a short tail. In fact, Sally looped the strands back to the hook eye once and then back to the end of the tail where she clipped it off and at the loop turn as well! An advantage of using invisible mending thread is that you can make lazy turns to secure the krystal flash to the hook shank and also cinch it down at the hook bend which allows the tail to spring out a bit. The invisible thread is tough enough to handle hard strikes and cannot easily be seen so it doesn't destroy the integrity of the fly! Tie off, cement and you have completed Sally's Fly!

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