Don's Fly Tying - the Rubber Band Blood Worm

[Rubber Blood Worm]

Ah, Spring, the air is filled with promises of exciting new fly fishing adventures in the season ahead! You are anxious to try out some new flies tied this past winter, both wet and dry, but for the first few weeks, chironomids usually stand the test of raw early spring weather! This year has been exceptionally cool, especially for a snowbird like myself but even if the mayfly and caddis hatches are a bit late, chironomids will always be there. One of my favourite chironomids is a bloodworm variation that is easy to tie and it has also proven to be very effective! It is made with a section of red rubber band found in your kitchen drawer for odds and ends. Add a bit of red wool or seal or mohair or artificial dubbing or swannundaze for the body and you have an excellent early season fly!



The rubber band bloodworm is a very easy fly ti tie. Start with a thin rubber band strip, ideally one that has some natural curl, and tie in a tail three to four times the body length. Now wrap a piece of red wool hook bend to hook eye. Create body segments with your invisible thread, tie off and you have finished a fly that can be a very effective early season trout catcher!

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