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[Arizona Reservoir Fly]

The weather is hot and mild, plus seventy degrees F, and no, I am not in British Columbia, Arizona would be the correct guess! Golf with a bit of trap and skeet shooting thrown in is my passion down here! As I take my daily walks in the mesquite desert near our Park Model, fly fishing is a long way from my mind. However, I picked up an interesting book in the Casa Grande library the other day entitled, "Arizona Trout, A Fly Fishing Guide" by Rex Johnson Jr. Much to my surprise, I learned that there are fly fishing locations in Arizona! Many tributaries and the Colorado River itself in the northwest corner of the State contain trout. Many of the streams in the range of mountains below Flagstaff and extending southeast to the New Mexico border, including the White Mountains, also harbour trout. There are a few other isolated locations, including small streams almost on the northern outskirts of Tucson in the Santa Catalina Mountains, that have stocked brown trout. Several higher elevation lakes in Arizona support trout as well. I will likely not find the time to test any of these waters but it is nice to know that fly fishing opportunities do exist in this desert country!

Rex Johnson lists several popular patterns for Arizona waters, one of which I found very interesting. It is called the Reservoir Fly and in my opinion, would make an excellent fly in my home province! Perhaps we can expand the use of this fly to include British Columbia waters!



Start by tying in a tail of peacock sword. Next, select a short grizzly or badger hackle and tie it in at the hook bend, tip first. Now wrap several peacock herls hook bend to hook eye to form the underbody followed by a few turns of the hackle hook bend to hook eye, in other words, palmer a hackle body! Next, select two tan goose biots and tie them in at the hook eye slanting back over the fly body. The final step is to make a head with a single peacock herl, cement, tie off and you have finished the Arizona Reservoir Fly!

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