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[Redtag Nymph]

Have you ever been out still water fishing in May when you are sure winter has not left? There are no hatches; no rises to try dry fly fishing and you are not certain just where the trout may be hiding in the lake? That is the time to go into a search mode, trolling an attractor wet fly to see where the action might be. Depending on the lake conditions, there are many flies that may do the trick in these circumstances such as a Doc Spratley or a leech pattern. I have also had success with this month's feature fly, the brown Redtag Nymph. Trout will at times respond to a slow retrieve with this pattern so for those cold early spring days when nothing is on the surface, try a Redtag as described below!



Redtag nymphs are also very easy to tie! Start with a short, single strand of red wool for the tail. Next wind a brown chenille body hook bend to hook eye. The final step is to make several turns of brown hen hackle at the hook eye. Make sure that the hackle is not too long. Options are a few turns of lead wire before making the body and a copper bead could be used for a head. Be sure to experiment with other colours as well. Cement, tie off and you have created a good early spring cool weather search pattern!

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