Don's Fly Tying - the Red Squirrel Nymph

[Red Squirrel Nymph]

The Red Squirrel Nymph likely represents a caddis pupa. I have fished it with a sink fly line near the bottom with some success in lakes like Roche and Leighton! It is an easy fly to tie and should be in every serious fly fishers tackle box! June is a good month to use this fly so let's have a look at how it is tied.



Start by pinching the hook barb and slide a gold brass bead to the hook eye. With your tying thread attached to the hook shank, tie in a tail of guinea hen feather. Complete the body with gold tinsel hook bend to the bead at the hook eye. I like to now flip the hook in my tying vise in order to make the beard hackle of thin red squirrel. Then right the hook and secure a wing with a larger clump of red squirrel tail fur. Ensure that the wing slopes back to the tail of the fly. The final step is to make a collar of brown ostrich strand just behind the bead. Cement, tie off and you have finished the Red Squirrel Nymph!

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