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[Arizona Quail Fly]

One of my many friends in our Arizona RV Park, Bob Turner who hails from Iowa, is an avid outdoorsman. He also knows exactly where to find the right outdoors shop in the big bustling city of Phoenix for hunting and fishing supplies, including an excellent assortment of fly tying materials. In exchange for some of my hand tied flies, Bob keeps me supplied with local materials such as quail feathers and rabbit fur which he collects in his desert excursions east of Casa Grande. The other day, Bob handed me some Gambel quail top notch head feathers and suggested that I tie up a favourite Iowa fly which we will call the Arizona Quail fly! I am positive that this fly will produce as well in Western Canada so let's examine the recipe for our March fly tying article!



Start by tying in a tail of a single Gambel quail top notch feather. If you do not have access to this material, stiff black marabou will suffice for both the tail and the wings. Next, tie in a strand of silver krystal flash at the hook bend, then wrap several peacock herls hook bend to hook eye to form the fly body. Rib the body with 5 to 7 turns of the krystal flash hook bend to hook eye. Next, take a Gambel quail top notch feather and tie it in near the hook eye slanting back along one side of the fly body. Do the same on the other side of the fly body. The final step is to make two or three turns of black saddle hackle at the hook eye. When tying down the hackle, slant it slightly back along the body. Cement, tie off and you have finished Bob Turner's Arizona Quail Fly!

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