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[the Prince]

By mid or late August, the lakes in the BC Interior start to cool and trout activity once again awakens from the summer doldrums! Often a nymph pattern twitched slowly in the depths will initiate a strike when all seems quiet! Brown halfback patterns have done the trick for me in the past but the fly we will review this month seems to have an extra enticement for a response from those large rainbow trout. Perhaps it is the thin white wing slits that provides the attraction, however, I can assure you that it does work for August trout just starting to feed more vigorously again! Oh yes, this fly is called the "Prince" and it is not unduly hard to tie, a must for your late summer fly-box!



Start by tying in two brown goose quills to make a forked tail. Then secure a piece of flat gold tinsel on the hook shank projecting past the tail. Now wrap a peacock herl body hook bend to the hook eye followed by a few turns of the flat gold tinsel to form the rib. The next step is to select a brown hackle feather with medium fibers and wrap about two turns at the hook eye. Now comes the magic attraction for this fly! You will need two strips of thin white goose wing and tie it in at the hook eye in low profile, in other words, allow the wings to flow back very low to the fly body. Finish with a black thread head, cement, and you have finished the Prince, an excellent late summer search pattern!

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