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We are fortunate that many of our British Columbia lakes feature a food supply that trout feed on all year around! Shrimp or scud can be found in bottom weeds of numerous lakes although not always of the same colour or size. A successful fly fisherman will always have a good supply of shrimp imitations in his or her fly box. Numerous patterns have been developed over the years like the famous Werner Shrimp! However, variations do occur in nature and I feel you cannot be without a good assortment of shrimp imitations, especially when testing a new lake. I have found that a bit of flash will sometimes induce a strike when drab but close to natural patterns fail to do so. This month we will examine my pregnant shrimp using beads to add a bit of flash!

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Start by crimping the barb of a short shanked hook and slide a small gold bead to the hook eye. Make a turn or two of green crystal chenille tight to the bead before sliding a slightly larger orange bead against this wrap. Now again make a couple of turns of the same chenille tight to the orange bead. You need the chenille long enough so that it will represent legs on the bottom side. Again slip a second gold bead tight to this chenille. The final step is to attach a medium piece of pheasant tail feather just behind the outer gold bead, fold it ahead to the hook eye and secure it there before folding it back where you will half hitch it securely behind the last bead. Note that the pheasant feather on the initial tie down should be long enough to form a short tail, then forward and back along the top before tying off. In other words, start with the tip of the pheasant pointing back to form a short tail. Will this fly catch more fish than a normal shrimp pattern? The answer is there no guarantee but on certain days it just might!

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