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[the Polar Fly]

This past fall has been unusually wet with more rain than normal. However, my fishing friend, Al Kouritzin and I have made a few forays to local lakes between showers although we did get rained out at White Lake when we got caught in a massive downpour! Our quarry in the main has been brookies as I find the few trout that I keep for the table are always good eating, often surpassing rainbows, regardless of the lake origin. The knowledgeable folks at our local fly shop suggested quite a different fly for brook trout, almost pure white in colour! Well, why not try something new so after a look at Al's fly, I tied up a few for a late trip to a lake with brookies a bit south east of Kelowna. Sure enough, although I had my doubts if any fish would go for a gaudy white fly, a nice brookie did indeed take that fly. If it worked for me, I am sure it will do the trick for you so let's start the New Year in white!

[A Nice Brook Trout]



Crimp the barb and slip a small white bead to the hook eye. Next tie in a short tail of several strands of white marabou. After firmly snugging down at the hook bend with half hitches, I like to wrap the marabou forward to near the hook eye. This only works if the marabou strands are long enough. If not, select another clump of marabou and complete the body wrap. A new material, at least for me, is "Simi Seal", sold as Arizona simi seal at my local fly shop. Tie in a wing with this material, then flip the fly to tie in a smaller throat hackle with this same material. Finish the fly with a bright red head snug against the white bead. I use rod winding thread as I have lots of it but any red material likely would do. Whip finish and if you are using clear fine monofilament, the red head wrap is not compromised! All the best for good fishing in 2017!

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