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Two years ago my friend from BC Tel days, Tony Lillington, and I made a day trip to the Vedder River near Chilliwack, BC. It is a long way to go for a day of fishing but although it is usually very crowded with fishermen, salmon fishing can often be superb! Even though I have visited the Vedder for many years, that trip really surprised me! I have never seen such a huge run of pink salmon! They were everywhere, perhaps thousands in each major pool in the river. With so many pinks, it made hooking a preferred coho or spring salmon much more difficult but we did have fun catching and releasing oodles of pink salmon that day!

That was in early October of 2009 and now in 2011, there should be another large run in the Vedder because most pink salmon return from the ocean to spawn on a two year cycle. Yes, Tony and I plan to make another trip to the Vedder River this year to test the theory! When pinks are so numerous, it is fun to put away the drift rod and fly fish for these small but scrappy salmon. My favourite pink salmon fly for river fishing is tied with radiant pink colours and I would like to share this excellent pattern with you!



The hook size should not be too large, size 8 is ample and I recommend using a silver hook. Form a short tail by looping a strand of pink krystal flash back and forth several times to the hook shank. Do not cut the loops. Now wind a piece of thin radiant pink chenille hook bend to hook eye for the body. Next add a few strands of pink krystal flash at the hook eye and allow the strands to flow back over the body. The final step is to tie in a few clumps of radiant pink marabou for the wing. I like to leave some space at the hook eye so I can tie in three or four clumps of marabou, allowing the clumps to just reach the end of the tail loop. Cement, tie off, and you have finished my favourite pink salmon river fly!

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