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[the Improved Parksville]

Mid August of 2003 once again found me visiting my friends Jim and Jane Hilchey in Campbell River, BC. My trap shooting wasn't up to form that weekend but I did enjoy some terrific pink salmon fly fishing in both the Campbell River near Roderick Haig-Brown's original house and also at the mouth of the Oyster River, a few kilometers south. Before my trip, I tied up both the original version of the Parksville fly (see the Oyster River fly September 2002) in silver and also a variation using green uni-mylar for the body and dimensional fabric paint for the head and eye. This variation of the Parksville fly worked very well for me, in fact, much better than the original version on those small but frisky salmon. So much so that I wish to share the recipe with you as a version that I call the "Improved Parksville"!



I start by pinching the barb of the small salt water hook and then I wrap a few turns of lead wire near the hook eye before cinching down with my invisible mending thread. The fly body is made with uni-mylar, green on one side and red on the other. Cinch the red side along the hook shank and as you wind the uni-mylar forward to the hook eye, make sure that the green side of the mylar is showing. To ensure that the body can withstand the salmon strikes, a coating of Sally Hansen's "Hard as Nails" clear cement (thanks to my friend Steve Clement for this tip) is recommended at this stage! Next tie in a small clump of blue polar bear hair at the hook eye and allow it to flow back about three times the length of the hook shank. Then secure about 4 strands of green krystal hair over the blue ploar bear hair followed by a top layer of bright green polar bear hair to finish the wing. Now comes the artistic endeavor to construct the head and eye with dimensional fabric paint rather than epoxy as in the original fly. I used hot neon green (you can purchase it at sewing shops) to shape the head and once hardened, a dab of shiny black fabric paint to make the eyes. Allow this to dry overnight and you have created a great pink salmon fly!

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