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One day a few years ago, my friend, Joe Porkolab, returned from Oyama Lake in the plateau country just east of Winfield, BC with stories of terrific rainbow trout fishing! He went on to say that one particular fly was simply dynamite for attracting fish in that lake of many small islands. I insisted on having a look at the fly and was somewhat surprised to see that it was an attractor pattern, not in any way closely resembling the insect population of Oyama Lake. However, I would certainly not argue with Joe's success and would like to share the details of the fly that worked so well for Joe and his friends!



Start by tying in a short piece of red wool for the tail. Next secure a length of gold tinsel at the hook bend followed by the brown floss which is wrapped hook bend to hook eye to create a smooth but thin body. Over this, wind the gold tinsel in 6 or 7 even turns to the hook eye. Now attach the green wood duck wing near the hook eye, allowing the wing to flow back over the body to about the end of the tail. The final step is to wind a few turns of brown hackle at the head, tie off, cement and you have finished an excellent attractor pattern, the Oyama Lake Special!

I was very pleased to receive an Email in April 2008 from Alan K. Spiller of St. Albert, Alberta, who provided an interesting history of the Oyama Lake Special. Allow me to share it with you! Alan's late father, Cec Spiller, born in Penticton, BC, and a 60 year Alberta resident, fished Oyama Lake faithfully for many years. During Cec's annual trips to Oyama, he continually experimented with various flies. Cec finally found the best success with an attractor fly of his own creation, the Oyama Lake Special! Alan has confirmed that this fly is a terrific producer on Oyama Lake and also has caught fish on other lakes! Thanks, Alan, for sharing this with us!

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