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This article is a bit late but hopefully you will agree for a good reason. I have just returned from 9 days at the PITA Grand Pacific trap shoot in Little Rock, Washington. My handicap and doubles were not great but I did have an exceptional run in the singles championship, missing only one target, my 200th! The 199x200 was good enough to win the A class singles championship outright so I have returned in a happy state of mind! But let's get back to another very important topic, fly tying! For anyone lucky enough to escape to the wild rivers of Labrador, Atlantic Salmon is their foremost thought in August! Atlantic salmon flies are unrivalled for style and beauty but can also catch fish such as the Orange Charm! It is a classic fly on any Atlantic salmon river plus it will also entice steelhead in our West Coast waters. Let's have a close look at this marvellous salmon fly. See my April 2006 article for definitions of Atlantic Salmon fly standards.



First wrap a tag of flat silver tinsel at the hook bend. Next is a tip of orange floss followed by the golden pheasant crest tail tied in on the hook shank just above the hook point. A medium flat silver tinsel strip is then placed where the tail is tied in followed by a forward wrap of black floss through to the hook eye. Carefully rib the floss with the medium silver tinsel also to the hook eye. Now flip the fly in your vice and tie in an orange feather throat hackle. The final step is to right the fly in order to attach the fox tail wing. Make several wraps of the black tying thread to form a head at the hook eye, cement, tie off, and you have finished the Orange Charm Atlantic Salmon fly!

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