Don's Fly Tying - The Orange Popsicle

[Orange Popsicle]

Another winter dream for you although those on the Lower Mainland or Vancouver Island may just get a chance to try this fly out. It is a high water steelhead fly called the Orange Popsicle. When I was based in Prince George a few years ago, several of the Polar Coachmen Fly Club members had a real passion for winter steelheading. This meant long trips to the Terrace area providing the rivers had not coloured out from the incessant rains or iced out due to cold weather snaps! Even in high waters conditions, steelhead could still be caught with large attractor flies such as the one we will examine today. It features brightly coloured marabou spun to create a tent fly when dry but delivers lots of action in the water. Let's have a look!



Wrap a flat silver tinsel hook eye to just before the start of the hook bend. Then take a long yellow marabou feather and make a complete turn just short of the hook eye. Next do the same with a long orange marabou feather. You should now have a tent shaped fly with the marabou covering the hook bend. Now find a dark guinea feather a make one full turn at the hook eye to complete the hackle. Switch to red thread and finish the fly with several turns at the hook eye. Cement and you have completed a high water steelhead fly, the Orange Popsicle!

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