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Summer is now long gone but fly fishing in October can still be excellent! I find that large dark flies often work wonders on the BC Interior lakes that I fish. The Ombudsman is a fly that will often do the trick although it is not that well known. I spend considerable time at our Canim Lake summer camp and have observed large dark brown mayflies during June hatches. As well, large dark stoneflies are also profilic in early July on nearby Mahood River. The Ombudsman has a resemblance to both and thus found its way into my fly box. Curiosity led me to try it for late season fishing in lakes like White and Lundbom! Guess what? It definitely is a fly that should be in your tackle box for those October lunkers!



I like easy flies to tie and the Ombudsman certainly qualifies here! Start by half hitching a length of fine copper wire to the hook shank with a tail past the hook bend for later ribbing. Now rap dark brown chenille hook bend to hook eye followed by a rib of 5 to 7 turns also to the hook eye where both are tied off. Next add a dark turkey wing at the hook eye so that it projects back over the body about half the shank length past the hook bend. The final step is to select a brown hen hackle with short fibers and make a couple of turns at the hook eye. The trick here is to force the fibers back along the hook body as you tie it off. Cement and you have finished a very versatile fly, the Ombudsman!

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