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My friend Bill Shea, an ardent fly fisherman and innovative fly tier who lives in Kenmore, Washington, has created a series of steehead flies representing the six Canadian NHL hockey teams. Due to possible copyright restrictions, we will not name the NHL city and will leave that for you to guess! This month we will feature a very colourful steelhead fly called the Bill Shea Oiler. Don't forget to let us know about any success that you have actually fishing these sport flies.



This is probably my favourite steelhead hockey fly although the team it represents had a dismal 2010/2011 NHL season! It is a snap to tie with no tail or body, just leave the hook shank bare! The secret is a long flowing 360 degree wing of three layers. Start by tying in royal blue marabou near but leaving a space from the hook eye. Ensure that the marabou flows back equally above as well as below the hook shank. Next overlay the marabou with about six strands of blue Krystal flash the same length as the marabou. Now spin orange marabou as the 3rd layer also flowing back equally above and below the hook shank. The next step is to make one or two turns of very sparse , short white hen hackle close to the hook eye covering the wing tie down spot. Finish the fly with heavy black tying thread to create a black head at the hook eye.

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