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Bill Nation guaranteed his clients 100 trout per week or 60 pounds per day, all on the fly. Most of these trout were caught on his fly patterns as he supplemented his guiding income by selling his hand tied flies. In those early years, his fly collection worked extremely well and one of his favourites, especially for large trout, was the Silvertip. It is more of an attractor fly rather than an exact insect imitation but it did catch fish, especially on Paul Lake. It is said that about fully half of the Paul Lake trophy fish were caught on Nation's Silvertip fly! I think that is enough incentive for us to closely examine how this famous fly was tied.



Tie in a thin tail of golden pheasant tippet feather. Place a piece of oval silver tinsel at the hook bend and then wind a second piece of flat tinsel to make a silver wrap at least half way through to the hook eye. At this point, wind black wool or floss through to the hook eye and tie off. Now rib the oval tinsel hook bend to hook eye using 5 to 7 turns. Next, tie in a wing, starting with a few golden pheasant tippets, then an overlay of brown turkey parallel to the body at the hook eye. The final step is a bearded throat hackle of guinea feather. Cement, tie off and you have completed Nation's best producing fly, the Silvertip!

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