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[Nation's Special]

We are finally back to the Bill Nation fly series. This month we will look at a variation of Nation's Special, a fly that doesn't resemble any particular insect but is useful for exploring new water. The traditional Nation Special is tied with a brown mottled turkey wing and jungle cock on the wing sides. It also features half the body in black floss rather than all silver tinsel and the throat hackle is guinea. Our variation features a golden pheasant wing and brown throat hackle. It is a good fly for still water fishing in our British Columbia Interior so let's have a look at how to tie this pattern.



Start by tying in short golden pheasant tippets for the tail. Next, attach a piece of silver tinsel to the hook shank and wind forward hook bend to hook eye. I like to flip the hook in my vice to tie in the brown throat hackle as the next step. Now place the hook right side up and take a small clump of golden pheasant tail feather that will form the wing, tying it in just behind the hook eye. A second thin piece may be necessary to complete the wing, ensuring that it sweeps back along the fly body. Make a few turns with your black tying thread at the hook eye, cement, tie off and you have completed a variation of Bill Nation's Special.

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