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[Nation's Silver and Mallard]

We are a bit late in posting the April fly tying article as we just got back from three months in Arizona. A bit more rain this year but not nearly as much as experienced in California so our golf did not suffer! I do miss my fly fishing though but during this time of year, it is a lot of work cutting away enough ice to properly lay out a fly! Well, enough of this nonsense so let us examine one of my favourite Bill Nation patterns, the Silver and Mallard.

Nation tied this fly to imitate a female sedge laying eggs at or just below the water surface thus presenting a tempting silhouette to trout lurking below. The silver was meant to be air bubbles clinging to the sedge body as she did her work. I have found this fly to be a good spring search pattern for many of our interior lakes and it should be part of your fly box treasures!



Tie in a thin tail of golden pheasant tippet feather. Place a piece of oval silver tinsel at the hook bend and then wind a second piece of flat tinsel to make a silver wrap at least half way through to the hook eye. At this point, wind black wool or floss through to the hook eye and tie off. Now rib the silver tinsel hook bend to hook eye using 5 to 7 turns. Next, tie in a wing of barred mallard parallel to the body at the hook eye. The final step is a full hackle with two or three turns of badger. Cement, tie off and you have completed a favourite Bill Nation fly, the Silver and Mallard.

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