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When I drop into my local fly shop, Kelowna Trout Water Fly and Tackle, or slip over to West Kelowna to Wholesale Sports, I feel like a kid in a candy store with so many new products available. Whether these new age products catch more fishermen or fish, is a debateable point! However, it is fun to experiment with new materials and on occasion, they do really work. Such is the case with some fly tying items I purchased earlier this spring including Stillwater Solutions dark red brown sparkle blend and Super Fly scudback midge 1/8 inch chocolate strip. The latter material is likely meant for tying shrimp body backs but I found a use for it in a new leech pattern that caught a beautiful rainbow trout just minutes into the water!

While on a July 1st trip to our Canim Lake summer camp, I thought I would test a new dinghy bottom and seat that I had fashioned to give my rubber raft stability. I took the craft to a small nearby lake and plied the oars a considerable distance to get past the weedy entrance. I put the new fly on a number 3 sink line with a fairly fine leader and in seconds a good bright silver rainbow was leaping behind the boat! I cast the fly in again and barely touched the oars when a mate to the first fish began taking line out as the reel screamed. Two fish were enough to feed our camp so I turned the dinghy for shore, exceptionally pleased with my new fly. Let's have a look at this amazing pattern that I have aptly named the "New Age Leech"!

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The scud back material appears to be a stretchy rubbery base that I felt would add terrific realism to a leech pattern. Tie in a length along the hook shank that projects a good body distance past the hook bend. Next dub a body by forming a tying thread loop at the hook bend and insert about a 3 inch piece of rolled sparkle blend. Twist the loop many times and then wrap forward to the hook eye. After tying the dubbed sparkle blend off, make two or three wraps of short black neck hackle at the hook eye taking care to force the fibers in a backward direction. As an option, I have also tied this fly with a gold bead for a head and I have found both versions seem to work equally well! Try it, you will like it!

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