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[Nation's Black ]

This is the last of our Bill Nation series of flies that he made famous in the early days of Kamloops area fly fishing. The fly we will look at is the simplist of his creations but still very effective at times. Nation's Black was his imitation of a large chironomid, possibly those found at Hihume Lake where he often guided his clients. Today, with our wealth of tying materials and very creative chironomid designs by many people, Nation's Black is seldom used. However, I can vouch for a very nice rainbow taken at Peterhope Lake on this fly, a fitting way to end the Bill Nation fly series!



Nation's Black is a very simple fly to tie. Start with a thin body of black wool or floss. Then take a few strands of black bucktail and tie down parallel to the body just behind the hook eye. That is all there is to his original but I sometimes add a rib of very fine copper wire. Cement, tie off and you have finished a fly that will still produce some very pleasant surprises today!

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