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[Nation's Green Sedge]

What a busy summer! I did not have many opportunities to fish my favourite still water trout havens but I did manage a couple of terrific salmon jaunts to the Fraser River. My score there was two spring salmon and several sockeye landed. We won't talk about those large springs that got away! Yes, those fish were caught on yarn flies described in previous articles.

However, let's get back to the fly tying article for September. We will continue with the Bill Nation series (Bill was perhaps the most famous of the early trout fishing guides in British Columbia), this month featuring Nation's Green Sedge. Of course, the traditional green can be varied according to insect colour found in your favourite lake, such as yellows to browns. Although Mr. Nation originated this fly sometime in the late twenties or early thirties, I find that it still catches fish today, often with better than average results!



Start by tying down a red goose tail and then attach a piece of gold tinsel to the hook shank at the bend. Now form a dubbing loop with green seal fur. Wind it forward to the hook eye to make a fairly slim body. Next wrap the gold tinsel also to the hook eye in five turns or so for the rib. The wing is made with barred mallard flank feather by tying it down at the hook eye and allowing it to flow back low over the body. The final step is to place a couple of turns of badger at the hook eye, tie off, cement, and you have finished Nation's Green Sedge.

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