Don's Fly Tying - Nation's Gray Nymph

[Nation's Gray Nymph]

Let's continue with the Bill Nation fishing fly series. His gray nymph was an imitation of a small dragonfly nymph, a fly that can often catch fish in cool late spring days. The gray wool body over wound with a barred mallard breast feather gives the fly a rather bulky appearance but I have found that it does attract trout! I have again taken the liberty of tying the fly with my favourite invisible mending thread rather than the green tying silk of Bill Nation's day.



Tie in a very short golden pheasant tippet clump for the tail. Then attach three items to the hook shank at the bend, a piece of gray wool, a thin barred mallard breast feather section and a length of gold wire. Wrap the wool forward to the hook eye, followed by a few turns of the mallard feather in a rib fashion to show the wool between the turns. Next counter wrap the gold wire to the hook eye in five or six turns. Now flip the hook in your vise and tie in a beard using a small clump of ground hog hair. Replace the hook in its normal position to complete the ground hog hair wing, low to the hook's body. Cement, tie off and you have finished another of Bill Nation's classic early British Columbia flies!

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