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Our fly for August again comes from my friend Richard Haavik, who with his wife Colleen, operate Rainbow Lodge at Nimpo Lake, BC. Richard's favorite method of rainbow trout fishing in high summer is with a dry fly. Even in the bountiful Nimpo Lake area, there are times when surface fishing with conventional flies slows and this is when Rich pulls out his Madam X floating fly. It is similar to a sedge pattern but features parallel strips of rubber legs (similar to elastic band material) tied to the body near the head. This rubber material provides a quivering action when the fly hits the water and will often induce a strike when a fly without the rubber legs will not! A good fly to have in your box when August fishing tends to slow!



Elk hair can be substituted throughout in this fly recipe if you want better durability for slashing rainbow trout strikes! However, the fly shown is tied with deer hair so we will follow suit in these instructions. Start by tying in a fairly bushy tail of deer hair although not too long. Next cut another clump of deer hair and place the cut end along the shank to meet the cut ends from the tail, allowing the tips to project past the hook eye at least the length of the shank. Now over wrap the deer hair on the hook shank tightly with yellow floss, hook bend to hook eye. Then fold the deer hair in front over and back along the hook shank to form the wing with the tips ending just above the hook bend. In tying down the wing, form a bump behind the hook eye which is the head of the fly. This is also where you will attach the rubber legs, one on each side of the fly body. Trim the rubber material so the front looks like antenae about half the shank length past the hook eye and as long as the end of the tail in back. With a thick tail and wing, this fly will float well and the rubber leg material will just drive those trout wild!

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