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[Mabel Lake Special]

My trap shooter friend, Les Lamerton, is a very creative guy. Aside from his hunting, target shooting and fishing hobbies, he fashions molds for lead sinker weights and also downrigger balls. One day not long ago, he delivered some downrigger balls to Kencraft near Lumby. While in the store, he happened upon a jar of fishing flies and asked what they were for. The answer was for those huge Mabel Lake rainbows when they chase salmon fry in the spring! "Are they any good?" Les asked. "Dynamite!" was the reply. Thereupon Les purchased a fly and asked me if I could tie some up. I replied, "If I can see it, I can tie it!"

Since that exchange, I have tied several flies, a good supply for Les and some for myself and other fly fishing friends. Now we just have to see if their reputation holds out on Mabel Lake this spring! By the way, the fly is appropriately called the "Mabel Lake Special".

[ An Okanagan Area Gem ]



The tail can be any black hair but I like the flexing of artificial craft fur. Tie in a small clump as long as the hook shank. Add a few strands of clear or tinsel flashabou and if you have it, several strands of purple flashabou, as long as the tail. Now tie in a long thin black feather, tip first, at the hook bend. Next attach your olive sparkle flashabou, medium is good, to the hook shank and wind forward hook bend to hook eye. Follow this with spaced turns of the black hackle feather to the hook eye. I make a couple of extra turns at this point and tie it off here so that the last two turns flow back a bit. By using thin invisible mending thread, at this point, I make a snug wrap back and forth to the hook bend so that the palmered hackle stays put and is not distorted by the thread, colour or otherwise! Tie off, cement and hopefully you have created a good fly for big lake rainbows!

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