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I have done a lot of fishing over the years with my friend from UBC days, Al Kouritzin. As well, we have chased deer all over the Okanagan and while Al's Brittany Spaniel and my Yellow Labrador Retriever were alive, we spent twelve seasons hunting pheasants in Alberta! The latter activity ensured a good supply of fly tying feathers but the real joy of those outings was watching our dogs enthusiastically work the pheasant cover! However, I digress from this month's fly tying article which is a fly borrowed from Al's collection.

This past month Al and I made a trip to a small lake near Lumby where we have enjoyed considerable success in the past. We often load two cartop boats in the bed of our pickup trucks, in this case we took my 4x4 pickup. This allows us to vary our fishing as we each choose such as chironomiding, casting from an anchored boat or trolling. The action on this day was not furious but we did enjoy several hits, mainly on trolled flies. I released three small rainbows and Al did much better when he switched to an olive green fly that we will examine for the July fly tying article. I call this fly Al's Lumby Fly!

[Al Kourizin fishing near Lumby]



Start by tying in a tail of olive wood duck feather. Al also used olive marabou for the tail. Next secure both red and black lengths of rod tying thread just ahead of the tail. Now wrap a piece of thin olive chenille from the tail to just short of the hook eye. Form the rib next by carefully making spaced turns of both the red and black thread tail to hook eye trying to show both colours as you make the wraps for the rib. At the hook eye, before tying off the red thread, make several turns to give a hint of red at that point. Now select a brown rooster feather with short fibres and make two or three turns a little back of the hook eye. Trim the top hackles off so just the sides and bottom part of the hackle is left. The final step is to make a thin collar of peacock herl near the hook eye but still allow the red thread wraps to show between the collar and the hook eye. Cement, tie off and you have finished Al's Lumby fly!

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