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I was fortunate to retire from my career with BC Telephone, now Telus, with many more friends than enemies! Don Lauder was one of the many good folks who originally started with the Okanagan Telephone Company and came over to BC Telephone when the companies amalgamated way back in 1978. Much of Don's career was in the Okanagan but he and his wife Bev also spent time in the Nelson District, all good fly fishing country. As Don is a fly fisherman, his career melded nicely with his work locations!

Don gave me a call the other day and said that he had a fly I tied years ago that was completely worn out from catching so many fish! "Could I possibly tie another just like it?" he asked. Of course my interest was on high alert when he said it was worn to a frazzle from fish strikes so I immediately jumped at the chance to help out. Don described the fly as best he could on the phone but there is no substitute for a first hand look. When I said I would be glad to tie another fly for him, he dropped by the next day with the worn out specimen. It was a tandem leech fly and I was glad to have a look at the original to see exactly how the body was tied. I not only repaired the original but also tied up a few more as I intend to see if indeed the fly is as good as Don firmly states! Oh yes, and why not share the pattern with you for our May fly tying article! Just check the regs to ensure a tandem fly is allowed in the waters you intend to fish.



A tandem fly requires two hooks, one closely trailing the other. I find 20 pound test brown Maxima nylon type line is ideal. Tie bait loops in opposite directions to join the hooks so that there is minimal separation hook to hook. Directions for tying a bait loop can be found in my previous article # 40 (February 2000, the Vedder Yarn Fly). Once the hooks are joined with the nylon line, place the trailing hook in your vice. Wrap a body hook eye to bend with thin red wool and leave a short stub jutting past the hook bend for a tail. Now use three or four separate clumps of black marabou feather to tie in on top of the hook shank to create a full wing that flows back past the tail. The next step is to replace this hook in your vice with the front hook. Tie in a body of gold oval tinsel hook bend to hook eye. Create a wing the same as the trailing hook of black marabou in three or four ties along the hook shank. Cement, tie off and you have created the Lauder Tandem fly guaranteed by Don to catch fish!

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