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[Dave's Lady Di Intruder]

My friend Dave Upper, with his wife Diane, live in the Vancouver Island community of Bowser. Now in addition to Dave's fly fishing expertise, he is also a top rate trap shooter! In fact, many of the Island's clay target shooters are also good fishermen such as Nanaimo's Jack Gilmour. Just to give you an idea of Dave's target busting ability, at the 2013 Western Canadian Trap Shoot in Langford, Dave tied one of Canada's top trap shooters, Ron Stubbings, in the money handicap with 96x100 each! I watched the shoot-off for the handicap champion with great interest as both shooters ran a great 24x25 in the first round. Ron continued with his terrific shooting with another 24x25 in the second round. Under intense pressure, Dave came through with an unbelievable 25x25 in his second round to win the Western Canadian Handicap Championship! But Dave's shooting skills can also be matched with his fly fishing ability, especially winter Spey fishing for those wild Island steelhead!

I feel very fortunate to provide you with data on one of Dave Upper's proven steelhead flies. He calls this intruder fly the Lady Di and does it ever catch steelhead, at least for Dave! The following description is exactly what Dave does in tying up this rather large stinger fly, that is, a trailing hook looped to the cut off shank of a larger salmon hook.

[Dave Upper on the Stamp]



Before starting on the fly body, loop a piece of fly line backing or strong braided material such as Tuff Line to the larger salmon hook shank. Dave makes about a 1/2 inch loop for the trailing stinger hook and doubles back the braided line on the salmon hook shank, cinching it throughout its length with tying thread. He then cements the entire shank and lets it dry. Using this method, Dave says he has never had a fish pull the stinger hook free from the salmon hook shank if tied down this way. Next tie in a few strands of purple, blue and perhaps white polar bear hair for the tail extending just past the end of the loop. Now wrap a tag near the salmon hook bend of blue crystal braid. Continue with the rest of the body with a green/black crystal braid. For the hackle, tie in a few strands of blue/black/green flashabou near the salmon hook eye and let it flow back past the loop which will hold the trailer hook. Next tie in two longer strands of purple ostrich plume allowing it to flow back just past the where the stinger hook will end. Dave then uses chartreuse tying thread to fasten lead eyes for the salmon hook head and thoroughly cements in place. You then cut off the salmon hook bend with the point and barb, leaving all the material on the hook body in place. The final step is to push the loop through a stinger hook eye and around the bend so that you can snug the trailing hook up tight with it firmly secured to the loop. Dave likes to have the trailing stinger hook pointing down. You have just completed Dave's Lady Di Steelhead Intruder fly, guaranteed to catch Vancouver Island steelies! And Merry Christmas to fly fishers everywhere!

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