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I am a little late with my April fly tying article but I have just returned from a tough winter in Arizona! After my aortic heart valve operation last August, I wasn't sure if any more winters in Arizona would be in the cards for me. However, I have been feeling great so my wife Lois and I flew down to Phoenix on January 1, 2012. Besides the almost continual sunshine, pool games, daily happy hours with friends from all over Canada and the USA, I was overjoyed to find that my golf game didn't hardly miss a beat! We played every Monday and Friday at the Eloy San Miguel course and throughout the month of February, I was able to keep my score in the 80s! The picture at right is my tee shot at the par five 12th hole where the ball sailed over the tree just visible between my arms, not bad for an old guy!

Anyway, forgive me for wandering from the subject of fly tying, in fact, for this month, we are going to look at some very high quality hooks instead of tying a fly! My Washington State friend, Bill Shea, sent me several packages of Alec Jackson spey fly hooks, both standard and heavy wire, while I was in Arizona. These are the same hooks that were used in the previous Bill Shea series of NHL hockey steelhead flies. Also included in the sample hooks were five packages of Alec Jackson North-Country trout fly hooks, size 9 to 17, that look perfect for tying chironomids! I haven't tried these yet but I will let you know of my success in a future article. I normally do not promote specific brands other than mention what I use in my personal fly tying, but I can attest that the Alec Jackson spey fly hooks are a quality product, worth asking your fly shop retailer if they can get them for you! Shown below are some samples of the Alec Jackson hooks.

[Spey Fly Hook Gold] [Spey Fly Hook Nickel]
[Spey Fly Hook Bronze] [Spey Fly Hook Blue]
[Spey Fly Hook Black] [Chironomid Fly Hook]

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